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We R All One – The Kids Speak – 7 June 2012

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Visionkeeper – We Are All One – 31 March 2012

Are people beginning to understand that we are all one now? I have to wonder how universal that thought is or how selective. I find it hard to be alive in the world today and not feel a strong and equal connection to everyone and everything. There are no walls any longer that separate us all. Those walls were erected by the dark ones to keep us all in separate groups so we would not come together as a whole and rise up against them. Can people see this now? Please tell me people still don’t see others in terms of race, religion or sex any longer. We should be so past that phase of our existence by now. We are supposed to be evolving to the fifth dimension but we will never get there if we stay trapped in this fictitious world of imagined enemies. It was all a ploy to separate us. It is time to let this fantasy fade away and start embracing one another for who and what we are. Human beings all together on the same journey towards raising the consciousness of the planet. Continue reading