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Visionkeeper – We Are All Snowflakes… – 7 January 2013


We are indeed all like snow flakes. There is no one person that is the same as anyone else, just as there are no two snow flakes the same. One snow flake can only change its immediate environment with just itself, yet a whole host of snow flakes coming down together, can change the environment in a big way. We are all different as well, all individuals with passions and skills all our own, we use them to get ahead in our lives, but when we join them together with others, we can make a very strong impact in the world. We are now operating within the realm of 2013, not only a new year, a new age (Aquarius) but think of this as an era which is the first of its kind. A new year in a new paradigm unlike ever before. Human consciousness is exploding and people are coming alive again, beginning to feel and experience life on a whole new level, as if they were thawing out from a long cold freeze. Continue reading