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Adapting To Grace – We Are Now Off-Script! – A Vision – 26 July 2013

eileenmeyerI know that I am on blog hiatus, but this vision came through powerfully this morning. It echoed a vision I had back at the end of 2006 – and is even more applicable today. Here it is folks – Kiri Campbell has just pushed us all off-script. Thank you Kiri, from the core of my being, we can now seize this opportunity to enter full-on Improv Mode. In this morning’s vision I was shown little pockets of people still clinging to their scripts, feverishly shouting out their lines – as if volume and force would help to bring back the “old reality show”. The sooner we let go of all these old scripts, and trust and act from our instincts within, the sooner we will collectively improvise our way to a whole new stage… a whole new benevolent world. This post is dedicated to Kiri – arrested again today and taken into custody 6pm New Zealand Time. If you don’t know who Kiri is, click here for more on her story. She is the divinely feminine power in action Continue reading