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Lisa Gawlas – We Are Solidly In the New and Orientation Underway!! – 28 September 2013

lisagawlas2Here we are, we have broken ground into the new.  Fully!!  But it sure isn’t anything like I had expected, even tho I know, rule number one is do not expect anything.  I can’t help it!!  A lot of times, I am so pleasantly surprised in my days.  Like when we have huge power days, like this particular equinox or the harvest moon that merged its energies with the equinox, truly, I didn’t expect to be able to see on those days (from past experience) yet, clarity was crisp and constant.  Then we have the day 8 of the equinox, the day after the field has been saying 3 days coming, three days settling in took us to the 25th, so why the heck was it that when I woke up on the 26th, full of energy and perky joy was I blind as a bat all day??  I really felt like spirit put a blind fold around my antenna’s and said, nope, not today and do you think they would afford us a reason why.  Oh hell no!!  Instead it was a reschedule binge kind of day.  Blah! Continue reading