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Lisa Gawlas – We Are “The Legions Of Light” All Suited Up And …Ready! – 7 November 2012

My eyes popped open at exactly 3 am this morning with one lingering question on my mind… who won the presidential election.  When I went to sleep, I actually was worried.  Romney was up 52% in the popular vote (which doesn’t really mean a damn thing in this country) but also 50-60 electoral votes ahead of Obama.  For the first time ever, this election will affect me personally.  I have no insurance and had a cancer removed with a lot to still explore ahead of me.  True health care reform is now a very personal thing to me.  I am so grateful, beyond grateful… that the angels holding the white-house in their Light, both on the ground and in the unseen world… prevailed!!  THANK YOU!! Continue reading