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StreetsOfLove-Unconventional – Angel Lucci – We Are The Value – “Thank You” – By Arturo Dekko – 19 September 2013

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Here is how I explain value: the only valid purpose of money is to recognise value provided. If I perform some service for someone else and they write a note of thanks to me, that “Thank you” Note is proof and recognition of the value I have created and provided. I could endorse the “Thank you” Note and use it to “pay” someone else. For me, the idea of a Note (money), passed from one to another, becoming a unique annotated history of the kindness and generosity of human spirit is rather lovely, the Note gaining in value with each good deed. Alternatively, you could keep the note (credit account) and write new notes of your own. There is no debit account as the depth of your gratitude from which you draw is limitless. There is no possibility of false profit, usury or interest with this, there can be no debt.

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