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Lisa Gawlas – We – The Beacons of Light Sending Out Our Signal – Calling Others…- 19 February 2014

lisagawlas2I have decided that Hampton Roads, Virginia got hit with a massive Light bomb!!  Maybe other places too, but there for sure.  Not just because it is where my son lives, but also, where one of my guys on my calendar yesterday lives and the conversation and the flickering ability to see with the conversation that makes me say this.  But again, going in that divine alignment, my first clients name yesterday was/is Chrysaliss and in our conversation and my telling her that her name, her vibration now in my world is so very fitting as we move thru the unwrapping of ourSelfs in this new world.  Well she went on to say that her last name really means ocean.  Well, between yesterdays sharing talking about the fishies, I mean Pisces, as well as the song follow me, “swimming thru your veins like a fish in the sea” (lyric from that song) and Hamptons Roads is surrounded by ocean inlets.  The bigger picture really is showing itself. Continue reading