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Ron Van Dyke – We Watched The Celestine Prophecy – 24 January 2013

Uploaded  on 24 January 2013 by Ron Van Dyke There were only three of us here at the Mary Horgan Center last night since Margie and other that attend were doing the love line at the Center for Spiritual Development north of here. So, we watched a movie I had seen at least 2-3 times before. I felt it was important; and this morning I realize why. It has to do with energy and how we can steal it from each other rather than simply sharing it. To share our energy of love, we simply accept others were they are, allowing them to be themselves. When we are afraid and insecure, this becomes a challenge. Our defense mechanisms come into play, shifting the energy. We want them to conform to our point of view so that we can feel secure. This dynamic is in play throughout the matrix of control, hindering the new paradigm of freedom to be for everyone. I’m glad we watched The Celestine Prophecy Movie by James Redfield.