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Suzanne Spooner – Today’s TAUK Message from God…..Recipe for a great weekend :)

My Dear One,

You can see in your world a light and a darkness. Understand this is just an illusion to give your ego hope for an extended experience. You are the decider of what information is experienced. Imagine a world and life at war and that is what you live. Imagine a world and life of peace and joy and that is what you live. In the crossing of the two worlds, parallel universes really, your ego gets in the way and moves you into unease. Live in the universe of peace and joy for this weekend. Have a table set with food you love. Take time to meditate and release the old world of war and conflict. Give yourself permission to clear your agenda and just be. Imagine your life in total joy and peace. This is not the illusion, it is living in the Now. I am waiting at the table and the food is out of this world!


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