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Jamye – Weekly Lightblast – Humanity Arising – 28 August 2014

JamyePrice2012closeupAt the solstice of December 2012 you amplified a Light initiation that altered the flow of Time in your experience. This turning of the Time clock actually happened before that through your intent, but it was when your intent and the cosmic clock met to take the next step together. At the solstice of December 2013, you had spent a year of recalibrating your energy field with much release of discord and activation of your innate Divinity into the Earth plane. We told you at this time (December 2013) that due to your courage to carry the hopes of humanity rising upon your shoulders, the balance of dark/light (fear/Love) had been tipped to Love. The unseen world responds first and then in-form-ation transduces into form. This will continue, but you reached a turning point in your Ascension on both of those auspicious markers. Here, then, is another. Your courage to continue refining your vibration, your focus, your world has resulted in another marker point. What is a marker point, but merely a platform of growth noted. Your growth still continues, your Ascension still continues and change still continues. Yet there is a difference. Continue reading