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Sophia Love – Welcome Home – 20 February 2015

SophiaLoveNewAnd so this Quest continues…and my life conspires to be sure maximum understanding results.  A large and unexpected curve ball threw itself into the mix at lightning speed, whispering – “You think you can just ignore me?  They don’t call me an addiction for nothing!  Get a load of this!”In an unexpected moment I was looking at everything I have come to believe and faced with a decision that felt paramount.  Would I succumb to self-destructive luxuries?  Would I choose something new? Continue reading


Sophia Love – Welcome Home! – 12 December 2012

265817It is sort of ironic that this Aussie Angel, while he is as far away from home as he possibly can be, has found his origin.  He welcomes us all on this day of days ♥ … Enjoy this message from my son.

So this is it, the beginning of a 9-day period wherein the source energy of the one loving essence of all will be bathing Earth, our planet, my planet, your planet, and everyone traveling on her, with it’s light, peaking on the 21st. Continue reading