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John Ward – We’re Only Human, Worse Luck : Celebrating The Centenary Of Mass Slaughter While Condemning It In Gaza – 5 August 2014

JohnWDavid Cameron has called for an end to the slaughter in Gaza, a useful contribution to the debate marred only by the lack of any ideas about how to achieve this end. He has not as yet called for an end to fracking, but a new development yesterday stunned most people: the Daily Telegraph gave prominence to an article by Tim Morgan, who called it ‘the dotcom bubble of our time’, trotting out the exact same arguments this and millions of other sensible sites across the globe have been on about for years: the threat of water supply compromise, the rapidly diminishing returns, and so forth. Sadly, Mr Morgan’s starting assumption (that Cameron has gone fracking mad because he believes in it) is flawed: for Dave, it’s another Bright idea (like the HST to Manchester rationale) that came out of one of his brainstorming sessions) designed to generate pointless gdp and make the UK economy look as if it’s moving forward. Continue reading