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‘West Complicit In Saudi Arabia’s ISIS-Like Human Rights Abuse’ – 6 February 2015

RT logoThe West remains silent on Saudi Arabia abusing human rights and religion in ways similar to Islamic State terrorists, which shows a political consensus and the Western double standard policy, Danny Makki from the Syrian youth movement in the UK told RT.

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RT: Some experts note that Saudi Arabia’s system of crime and punishment is remarkably similar to that of the Islamic State, do you agree?

Danny Makki: Definitely. What we have is a group such as ISIS [Islamic State] which is present in the Middle East. It’s one of the biggest terrorist movements in the world. And we have a government which is allied to Western nations, Saudi Arabia, which perpetrates the same form of violence on its own population, acts such as beheadings, killings. This is all done in the name of Islam; it’s done in the name of religion. It misrepresents religion.

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