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‘West Hard Pressed After Syrian Islamic Insurgency It Supported Backfired’ – 2 June 2014

RT logoBoth the EU and the US are confused as they are anti-Assad, but they are disturbed at the turn of events where Islamist insurgents seem to have an upper hand, Paul Lashmar, investigative journalist at Brunel University, told RT.

RT:Last week a UK man was found guilty of terrorism in Syria. And that’s amid Westminster’s vocal support of Al-Qaeda linked rebels in the war-torn country. Isn’t there some sort of discrepancy?

Paul Lashmar: The UK position on Syrian terrorism is confused. Initially the UK was supporting the insurgency against President Assad and it seemed that the Free Syrian Army was supportable. But things got terribly confused by the fact of the rise of Islamic element insurgency. So what you have got is that the British now are in a very difficult situation, because on the one hand they have supported these very people, but now they are concerned that the people who are going to fight will be Islamists, jihadi insurgents, who are going to come back with terrorist skills and are going to apply them in Europe or in the UK. So they have legislated against them. I think they are really very confused and it will have all sorts of major ramifications that they have clearly not thought about at all.

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