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Lisa Gawlas – What Is Your Purpose? – 11 February 2012

I get asked “What is my purpose” more than any other question.  Even if you had a singlular purpose, spirit would never tell me.  But, in hearing my first reading of yesterdays passionate desperation in wanting to know, the answer that flowed forth humbled me.

There is no singular defined purpose at all.  What ever you are doing today, that is your purpose.  Whatever you are doing tomorrow, that is your purpose. Every day adds something new to you, sometimes it is so subtle you do not even realize it, but it changes you.  When you change, your purposeful day changes.  When you share those changes that you do understand with others, in the field of hope, you are adding to the field of light like no other can.  A hug of comfort, a redirection of mind/words, a gentle understanding in all that changing offered outwards. Continue reading