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John Ward – What They Say Is Filtered, And What We Say Is Censored. No Wonder Most Citizens And All Élites Live In An Unreal Place – 1 July 2014

JohnWI haven’t looked at any news thus far today: often it’s good to do that – you don’t get distracted by the immediate, and you don’t forget to write about the important stuff.

Part of the reason is pressure of building works here: every day I go to one builders’ merchant or another to pick up wood, cement, plaster, fixative, parquet, taps, or paint. I do this because to hand-pick a team of good people and then get them to spend 90% of their time doing what they’re good at for a reasonable price, the client has to do what the expensive ‘design & build’ consultancy would include at three times the price. Also I know what I want, and nobody else does…which would be the same for anyone who’s been around the block a few times. Continue reading