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Stephen Cook – Ashtar Visitors – What We Saw – 26 March 2012

Anthony and I often head outside on a clear night to go looking for our Galactic friends; taking up our positions lying on the outdoor barbecue table, faces up to the sky.

While I have had two, inspiring close-up sightings in previous years – one, a totally transparent silver/rainbow oval “bubble” that circled in front of me before whisking up and away at tremendous speed at 5.15am one morning; and a second, a bright orange orb that slowly sailed over the ocean at 2am, right  in front of the bedroom window of the beachfront place we were house-sitting at the time, waking us up – we regularly spot what we call “travellers”. Our “travellers”  are usually way, way “up there”, zipping around. But often we will get a “hello flash” as they pass over. Continue reading