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Visionkeeper – What Will You Choose To Do? – 3 January 2013


In keeping with yesterday’s post about building our bridge, I feel it is important to realize these times are critical for setting our goals, creating our plans, laying our foundation and setting those plans into motion. Astrologically, right now we are in a phase that offers us great resources and tools to aid us in our creating, so it would be most wise to take full advantage of this time. We must remember we are not alone in what we are trying to accomplish so if we need assistance in finding solutions and ideas, all we need do is to ask to be shown what we need to be successful. This new year of 2013 is one of action and to pay attention and focus on whatever it is we are setting as our goals. It is time to do away with doubt and start realizing our true potentials. The shift is happening, we are well on our way into it and it is time to get serious about this new world and the new energies we are encountering. This whole past year was kind of a fantasy trip into wondering what could be or what might be, but we are there now, so it is time to begin dealing with what is! Continue reading