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InquiringMinds – Where We Pay For Example, Interest Free, The Value Of Our Homes Only, And Not Three Times The Value Of Our Homes Which Happens At Present By Way Of Banker Interest;- Rex +- 20 December 2014

Inquiring Minds

It is my hope that a world awakening to the criminal intent of those that have ruled this planet for hundreds of years, will push the private banking that controls each nation into the history books; and go back to using interest free treasuries; where the wealth within each treasury belonging to the people of each nation, could be used, interest free, for the benefit of the people and individual nation; where we pay for example, interest free, the value of our homes only, and not three times the value of our homes which happens at present by way of banker interest; with two thirds of our money paid into the mortgage going to the private bankers (Rothschild) in profit. Continue reading