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Visionkeeper – Which World Will You Be On? – 13 December 2012

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I will probably write this post in parts as I usually write my posts a day ahead, but who knows what will transpire today 12-12-12 and I may have to add more into this at a later date. So far the day has started out to be magical to me. We have a new moon coming up tonight(13th) and new moons are a time to set your intentions on what you desire in your life. This magical time frame is a good time for us to place our intentions on the new world we are creating. Spend some quiet time envisioning it from all of your five senses. Which world do you wish to be on? This is our final chance at using the power of a new moon to manifest what we want before the 21st. If we all concentrate on a new world of love and peace, joy and compassion, then we stand a good chance of manifesting exactly that! Think of this new moon as our final exams and how well we manifest our desires decides if we will pass or not. Study hard today and put your intentions on a magical new world and together we will create it into being! Continue reading