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US Wants To Oust Maliki, While He Refuses To Resign In Exchange For Airstrikes – 19 June 2014

RT logoAs the United States mulls whether or not to provide military support to Iraq in its battle against Sunni insurgents, recent reports indicate the White House wants Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki out of power.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration is certain that Maliki will be unable or unwilling to create a governing body that encompasses Iraq’s Sunni minority. As a result, American officials told the newspaper that a new governing body made up of Sunnis and Shiites would be necessary to bring some kind of peace to the country – one that does not include Maliki.

The UK-based Independent went further, stating that the United States isn’t just convinced a new political coalition is necessary – it is withholding military support until the prime minister steps down. The White House has reportedly told senior Iraqi officials Maliki must go so that the Sunni and Shia can have a chance at reconciliation.

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