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Ron Van Dyke – So, Who Or What Is Really In Charge On Earth? – 14 March 2013

Uploaded on 14 March 2013 by Ron Van Dyke It seems at least two of the trustees of the One People’s Public Trust are feeling overwhelmed. I know the feeling well, first hand. As I meditate this morning, I realize the probable cause of that feeling is: I don’t see myself as the one in charge; it’s either God or dark forces that determine the destiny of the world. The best I can do is to respond to what is, either from a place of love and trust, or from a place of fear and apprehension. The enite world is in this place. We are at the crossroads. We will either go the way we’ve always gone: feeling fearfully overwhelmed; or we will make a new choice: to actually trust that the Creator has a better way, albeit, one that requires us to take responsibility. It doesn’t matter whether we are one of the so-called elite or one of their victims, each of us must choose who or what we will give our power to as the world’s future stands in the balance. [David Icke: http://youtu.be/XBy-8Jw1k6M & James Johnson: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV34oF…]