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Wes Annac – Our Actions Do Not Define Who We Are – 31 October 2011

I feel I must write about this now, before you all, as writing has proved for me to be a great way to work out energy-blockages in myself. If I have an issue that isn’t too personal, I find writing about it helps me work it out, before the very eyes of you all, my wonderful and supporting friends. I would like to think a bit today about the roles we are all playing in our planetary ascension. We are all obviously helping in our own ways, and one person’s way should never be considered better or worse than another’s, in my opinion. Even those who take on darker roles in these times, are still serving a greater role for the Light whether they realize it or not. Obviously we are all growing past the influence of the dark, and so the clearly manipulative tactics the dark uses against us are beginning to be recognized and exposed by us Lightworkers. Continue reading