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Steve Lendman – Who’ll Sanction The Sanctioner? – 4 January 2015

StevelendmanAmerica imposes sanctions recklessly. Like street bullies shoving around anyone they please. Because who’ll stop them?

Washington acts lawlessly. Against targeted states. For political reasons. With no international law permitted authority to do so.

Security Council members alone may impose sanctions. Not individual nations against others.

US veto power has final say. Preventing other SC members from targeting America. Reason enough to bar countries from voting on issues relating to themselves.

Who ever heard of defendants sitting on juries in its own trials? Which ones ever had acquittal authority by veto power?

No nation more warrants sanctioning then America. None more guilty of high crimes against humanity. Genocidal ones.

Demanding accountability. Targeting culpable officials. Making them pay for offenses too grave to ignore. Continue reading