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Visionkeeper – Why Are We Waiting? – 2 November 2012

(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

So what are we waiting for to celebrate? The life we are a part of is a wonderful one in so many glorious ways, so why are we not celebrating? We sit and wait for permission to celebrate one of the dark ones holidays that hold little true meaning. Life is spectacular but we have been kept from seeing what it has to offer us. Why are we not holding countrywide celebrations of life? Wouldn’t that throw the dark ones a curve ball! The world is falling apart yet we the people could be holding celebrations of joy and love for all the wonders of life. It is our life, it is a glorious life, it is ours to celebrate and be grateful for. This is the kind of positive non-compliance we can be putting our energies into. Don’t let the dark ones make you feel life is grim and chaotic and desolate. It is grand despite what is taking place and the greatest statement we can make is to celebrate life! Continue reading