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Visionkeeper – Why Connecting Within Is So Important! – 5 August 2013

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Often times I will mention in my postings about how to chisel away at our issues so we can get to the core issue that is crying for attention. That is the heart of all that is and if you can heal the core the outer failings will blow away. They are all one and the same. I think a great many people don’t grasp the importance of self as they so often say ” what can I do?” Everything would be my reply. Clearing out issues within is so important because we need that space those issues take up to house the love we are learning to embrace in our lives. Issues take up so much precious space and so much of our critical energy, they deaden our capacity to love, they steal our attention as well as our intentions and they harbor defeat and disillusionment within. Issues can be beneficial when we take notice of them and work on them and then release them. They offer valuable lessons we can learn and grow from. It is the holding on to them and not healing them that is so self-destructive to ourselves and society. Continue reading