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Sophia Love – Why Do I Empathize With War? – 6 January 2015

SophiaLoveNewAt 67 years old I find my life has been aligned with the common male’s empathy with Lords of War thrashing processes of destruction but not really comprehending why. You may be of assistance in my gradual elucidation!”

Hello and thanks for this deeply felt question.  My answer has been pondered for quite some time as I’ve had the privilege to be the parent of four sons.  This allows me to watch the effect of puberty/testosterone and society on four male beings.  It may take some conversation to express in full what I understand.

There is no right or wrong.  All passions are mere expressions of the force of life itself.  We inhabit physical bodies; symphonies of muscles, organs, bones, fluids and hormones that together make us male and female.  There is a methodic tendency that influences both genders, in part inherent and as well impacted by family, society and hormonal change. Continue reading