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Méline Lafont – Personal Change, Will Be Out For A Little While – 30 September 2013

Hi my sweet friends,

After a long period of change in my personal life, I am finally able to continue my path and start a new chapter in so many ways.  As you all know, I have been going through a separation in my relationship for months now and was in the search for a new home. During all of that, it was a great challenge for me to go through this and to stay balanced at the same time while releasing the old (my relationship), doing my services and channellings, supporting my children, finding a new house while struggling through the still old systems and then the intense energies that were coming in.  BUT finally light has been reached at the end of this birth canal and an opportunity and open space has been brought onto my path where I was able to find a house that is in resonance with me and my kids.. Let me tell you the funny part; when I entered the house,  I saw that all the walls were painted violet, included the Master bedroom 🙂  Yes, perfect indeed for me and again a sign from my beloved Twin Flame Saint Germain 😉  Love those synchronicities! Continue reading