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Will Harader – We Need Rules Right? – 8 June 2012

We need rules right? Well, let’s look at what rules have brought this world. The American Indians lived in relative peace and harmony for thousands of years. Not that they never fought with each other, but it was nothing compared to the wars going on in Europe at the time. They lived in cooperation with their neighbors and never had any need for strict sets of rules. Then the white man came and brought so-called civilization. He introduced things like property ownership, religion, all sorts of rules that we’re supposed to keep people from fighting with each other. Then the white guys proceeded to slaughter the Indians by the hundreds of thousands. Their rules said they could do it. Even their religions, supposedly based upon a guy called the Prince of Peace, allowed for it. So the rules, that people swear up and down bring harmony to the world, brought the exact opposite and actually endorsed genocide. Continue reading

Will Harader – Light Is Spirit – 7 June 2012

I’ve noticed two types of unconsciousness. The unconsciousness that doesn’t realize its unconscious and acts like it is conscious. This is the manic state. And the unconsciousness that realizes its unconscious and reacts with more unconsciousness. The is the depressed state. Every being that isn’t in touch with their True Self falls into one of these categories. Duality rules with confusion in illusion, while in Reality you certainly can’t experience anything as only having two sides. Continue reading

Will Harader – Lightworkers The Moment Is Now! – 6 December 2011


~ Lightworkers, the Moment is Now! ~

So many of those who consider themselves Lightworkers are currently holding themselves back. So many watch all the negativity and conflict around them and do very little or nothing to stop it. This isn’t working, Lightworkers aren’t here to avoid these problems. Light doesn’t shy away from the darkness, Light shines upon it until there isn’t anymore darkness. Continue reading