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ZeroHedge – Will Spain Default? – 11 June 2014

 ZeroHedgeWith 10Y yields trading below those of US Treasuries, asking the question of Spain’s rising default risk seems risible but as Bloomberg’s Maxime Sbaihi notes, the longer the euro flirts with deflation, the higher the risk that the heavily indebted (and becoming more so) countries will be tempted to default. Of course, this ‘concern’ is entirely ignored by the ‘market’ as Draghi has promised enough liquidity to soak up every short-dated bond but as the European Union’s so-called “1/20 rule” suggests – requiring states to reduce excessive (over 60% Debt/GDP) by 1/20th every year or face a fine of 0.2% of GDP – Spain, it appears has 5 options to escape this vicious circle… and one of those is restructuring

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