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Wolf Spirit Radio – Freedom Reigns – Deatra And Drake – Update 29 April 2012

This is the audiolink of tonights update and calls on Wolfspiritradio.com

link to original article

Do not complain about the audio that sometimes breaks up or stops. That you should discuss at Wolf Spirit Radio.


Drake – Cabal Takedown Advisory: Get Everyone Ready! – 23 April 2012

(Lucas : Another announcement  is out!  Here is the new info.)

We were waiting for that “final advisory” from Drake before the final takedown of the Dark Cabal. We feel this could be it. This update came after the reported attempt to plunder Philippine Gold cloaked as military exercise Balikatan 2012 held in Palawan and Fort Magsaysay, Philippines. Continue reading

Radioshow with Drake and Deatra and Bill Brockbrader link – 15 April 2012

Yesterday, I have had put the announcement of the interview in the FB Groups. It was short notice  then. You can now hear the show yoursefl with using your discernment. I have made my points what my vision is on things and still have not heard any answer on my questions by David Wilcock nor Drake.

Here is the direct link to the radioshow link to radio interview Drake, Deatra and Bill Brockbrader on 14 April 2012 on Wolfspiritradio.com