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‘World Is Still Livable Due To BRICS Counterbalancing West’ – 14 July 2014

RT logoAuthor: Adrian Salbuchi is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio/TV commentator in Argentina.

The West is now starting to move to its final decay, with the Russia-China alliance becoming stronger, offering Latin America and other regions a multipolar model of the world, author and international consultant Adrian Salbuchi told RT.

RT: The BRICS nations are gathering for a sixth time, a lot of deals are coming out of this. How important are these agreements?

Adrian Salbuchi: They are indeed very important because not only should we look at them from the point of view of economic deals, which are very important for this part of the world, especially with the ongoing financial crisis in the Western world. But I think we should not lose sight of the fact that BRICS, although it is shown as an economic agreement, has turned into a geopolitical agreement. And if anything today the world is still livable it is because Russia and China are mainly offering a counterbalance to American, European, British, Israeli imperialism throughout the whole world, and that includes Latin America.

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