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Bill Ballard And Lucas – My Movie – Join Us All On The World Focus On 21 October 2012 To Unite – 18 October 2012

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Join us October 21, 2012. It is time ALL Light Masters come together as ONE BEING in a single unified focused event to change our Planet/Collective and Universe. We have been joining before as smaller and more individualized groups but that must now expand into the 1 single being we truly are. October 21 2012 is being called for the first of many of the singular focused events joining all humanity, the ETs and ITs to make this shift. This can only be done as ONE BEING IN ACTION. Here we go peeps! I LOVE YOU ALL! Let’s Get This Done!

Lucas : All those wanting to unite, focus on the change let’s do it together

I call upon those known to me The Galactic Free Press, The Steve Beckow Group, The InLight Group, Geoffrey West from CVN, Cobra, Drake, Channelers, Bloggers, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors,  and all others Unite in focus and spread the message via social media and blogs, etc. MAKE IT VIRAL :  Please just do focus in unity together on 21 October 2012 in what way you can in love and unity to make things happening in the now. The new system already online, the people co-creating  for the good of all humankind and living in abundance and peace and harmony and unconditional love. You can have  a moment, a meditation, a visualization, a few minutes or more,  just focus that day  in whatever way in unity to make a shift and change happening for all of us. Do it . It is just now the moment!

Love and Light and namaste,

Bill and Lucas





John Smallman – SAUL – This explosion of love among humans worldwide is remarkable

Your progress toward awakening is accelerating as you approach that momentous event, and almost everyone is feeling restless while at the same time experiencing a strong sense of expectation.  You are feeling the approach of the moment of your awakening.  It does feel strange, uncertain, even uncomfortable, and yet you cannot truly express or understand what it is that you are feeling because it is unfamiliar.  To be moving from the unaware state that has sustained you for eons in the illusion into full conscious awareness is disconcerting because it is unfamiliar.  But that sensation will not last because you are to awaken, and then all doubt, all uncertainty, all discomfiture, and all unfamiliarity will dissipate as you find yourselves once more in your joyous and familiar Home.  It is a state which you have forgotten, and yet, from which you have never departed.

You are divinely loved – as your guides, your angels, and all in the heavenly realms keep reminding you – and to re-experience that state you have only to release your hold, which for many of you is quite tenacious, on the illusions of sin, judgment, and punishment, and to open your hearts, as God’s is always open to you, to accept the divine inflowing that that allows.  Focus on the divine truth that you are eternally beloved children of God, created perfect like God Himself, and that nothing you have thought, said, done, or left undone can ever change that. You are all utterly and completely accepted by God, always, just as you are.  “Just as you are” is your magnificent and eternal state, at One with God, not the illusory and severely limited state that you experience while you continue to identify yourselves with your human bodies.

All that God creates is perfect, sublime, supreme, and limitless; so what you chose to experience by taking human form in the illusion is far, far removed from what you truly are, and the time for that unreal and painful form of obsession is drawing rapidly to a close.  You have “been there and done that!”  It is time to awaken and come Home.  Your homecoming is inevitable; it has always been inevitable, and the end of your times of suffering and struggling for survival in a hostile environment are almost upon you.

Within the illusion you have been playing many games, most of which end in tears, because you have convinced yourselves that you are separate from one another and are therefore necessarily competing for a limited number of prizes that are essential for your continued survival.  Consequently, the environment in which you find yourselves seems inhospitable and threatening, leading you to believe that life is a constant battle in which either you or your enemy (anyone else!) is going to be defeated.  With beliefs like that, fear, deceit, and betrayal have been your ever-present companions.

That is all changing, as Love from the heavenly realms inundates the planet as ever-increasing numbers of you open your hearts to accept it.  The growing awareness, in the last five or six decades, of the total incompatibility of desiring peace while maintaining military might have brought about the realization of the absolute necessity for a worldwide attitudinal change in perspectives, and this has been occurring.  Now, as is necessary to prepare you for your awakening, these attitudinal changes are accelerating and intensifying, largely due to your own efforts in prayer and meditation, along with the enormous effect that your determined examples of living peacefully in the world, without getting caught up in the hostility occurring around you, are having.

This explosion of love among humans worldwide is a remarkable and beautiful display of your ability to arise out of the darkness of your fear and loneliness into the brightness of compassion and cooperation, and of your strengthening intent to resolve all issues that could divide and alienate you from each other through intelligent, respectful, and honest discussion.  God created you as powerful and brilliant beings, and now you are beginning to understand this once more, as you work together lovingly to bring in the New Age of peace, joy, and abundance for all.

With so very much love, Saul.


channeler: John Smallman