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John Ward – Yes, You’re Right: They;’re All Mad. Beat Them By Staying Sane. – 9 October 2013

JohnWYellen pick for Fed helps salve US woes’ lies the Financial Times in it’s second lead this morning. As the Black Dude had only one person on his list, it can’t have been the most challenging ‘pick’ of his Presidency. And no woes have been ‘salved’, he has merely confirmed the supremacy of America’s Unreality Bubble.

This is, mind you, only as unreal as Britain’s loathsome press corps courting regulation at every turn and then proclaiming that an attack on 24/7 smears is an attack on civil rights. Freedom of the press is a liberty, but if that is abused by license, then sooner or later the press will have to be properly watchdogged. My profession of advertising used to tell the odd porkie about how much sugar there might be in a yoghurt, but these days every last claim has to be rigorously tested and demonstrated. Given the press gets away with whoppers about rather bigger issues such as the economy, celeb sexual procilivities, what politicians did or didn’t do, Syrian atrocities and ClubMed austerity, they can hardly moan that MPs are now saying the post-Leveson self-regulation scheme is a sham. Continue reading

Laura Bruno – Yes, We Have A Cash Crop! And Other Blessings In Disguise – 5 May 2013

laura brunoI suppose it was bound to happen. I’ve seen this trend with so many clients, friends and family members; I don’t know why I thought that I’d remain immune. Yesterday morning, I even had a dream that “things are not what they appear,” and not to get caught up in former expectations. At the same time I received that dream message, my sister got a cosmic download for me, too — in the shower of all places! I awoke to her texts: Continue reading

Sophia Love – Yes, It Really Does Grow On Trees – A Question Of Worth – 27 April 2013

PictureWhen my sons were very small, they believed themselves rich.  Regardless of where we went, this belief was validated.  They were surrounded in value, everything was a treasure, and all of it was theirs.  Their shelves and pockets overflowed with it all – reminders of adventures.  Rocks, feathers, bottle tops, leaves, shells, bits of rope and wire were valuable because they said so. Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Yes, We’ve All Been April Fooled! – 1 April 2013

Uploaded on 1 April 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Yesterday, Easter Sunday for many here in America, someone sent me a small book, actually a pdf file. The title is: “The Enlightenment, Part 0, A Handbook on Illusion by D. Alan Holmes, author, philosopher, adventurer, authority of ESP, past lives, UFOs. Perhaps there are wiser men than he; but, no one can explain the mysteries and riddles of this universe with as much clarity and simplicity. Wisdom has indeed been brought down to earth.” Indeed, he explains the mystery very well. Here’s the link for those that may wish to read it: http://americannationalmilitia.com/wp…. For me, it’s impact on my life is yet to be realized. Of this I am sure: we’ve all been April fooled for a long, long time.