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Outernet – You Should Inform Yourselves About It – 27 June 2014

https://i0.wp.com/gallery.mailchimp.com/3b850004d879edb75429f0dab/images/a8555ec7-5d66-447e-93ad-aa9f827854c3.pngOuternet is switching on its first broadcast signal later this summer and the big question is where?

Click here to vote on where you think we should conduct product testing.

Summary of Update:


  • Vote on the location of the Outernet test signal
  • The Outernet blog is LIVE!
  • First test stream of Outernet is a success
  • Be a part of the Outernet design process
  • Meet our Marketing and Communications Lead, Thane Richard

Read the full story at this link

Also read and see the blog: http://www.blog.outernet.is