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Lisa Gawlas – The Super Enhanced Molecules Of The New World, YOU!! – 27 October 2014

lisagawlas2If what is coming thru these days is a preview of the world to come, holy cow is this world about to change and change radically.  My deepest and greatest hope, is that YOU invest the time and energy it is going to take to master your skills in this incredible world and then start teaching them outwards.  You are exactly how this world is going to change.  Not by tearing down the system already in place, but by building a new one from the center of creation and moving it outwards.  Like waves of an ocean, it pushes out the old with its internal power, constantly moving, spreading, changing. Continue reading


Sophia Love – You! – 1 November 2012


We’ve reached the final day of this Quest!  It has been quite an adventure.  Focused on making it real, these last ten days did not disappoint.  We’ve “weathered the storm” beautifully!Congratulations.  You have done it.  You are moving from talking the talk to walking the talk – Agape is in your pocket.  You realize now the truth of your divinity. Continue reading

John Smallman – SAUL – You demonstrate what you believe – 30 October 2011

Despite any doubts you may have, the moment for humanity’s awakening into full consciousness is getting ever closer, and it will not be delayed or prevented. As light- bearers your task is simply to do as you have been doing and hold the light on high so that all may see it.  Many are looking for it, and as it is the divine intent that they find it, then they will.

To hold the light is to demonstrate loving attitudes at all times.  Of course, as incarnate beings in the illusion, your capabilities are limited and your egos can and do interfere, causing you to sometimes think, speak, or act impulsively in ways that you may later regret.  Do not judge yourselves harshly for errors occurring in this way.  If an apology would be appropriate, make it sincerely and move on.  Be aware that admitting to another that you have made an error is healing for you, and can be very inspiring for the other.  If the other chooses not to accept your apology it is of no real consequence; what matters is that you corrected your error, which is in itself loving behavior, and that is what you are intending to live and demonstrate.

To demonstrate is to teach, and you demonstrate what you believe.  This can be very revealing when a belief is claimed and something different is demonstrated by behavior and lifestyle.  Make sure that what you demonstrate is what you want to teach; if it is not, then you need to reassess, reevaluate, and revise your beliefs to correct this imbalance.  Many claim honorable beliefs but are unable to demonstrate them in their own lives, and when you notice this kind of conflict between belief and display it can serve as a useful reminder to check and confirm that the beliefs you are demonstrating are those you intend to demonstrate.  For instance, it is very easy to slip into unloving behavior by just failing to pay attention when rushing somewhere to avoid being late.

In the illusion, life is confusing, because you want to behave lovingly and yet frequently you find yourselves in situations in which it appears that to do so will cost you respect and honor because you will seem weak when you are expected to be forceful.  But that is not the case: it is easy to be forceful because being forceful is endemic.  But it does not lead to agreement or resolution as it causes defensiveness, and often issues that need to be addressed are avoided or passed over.  Whereas to behave lovingly is strong; it requires and demonstrates courage, and provides a space in which meaningful discussion can take place.

When you awaken into full consciousness, all behavior will be loving so that the highest good is always sought and achieved.  When people believe in and demonstrate loving attitudes there is no need to consider the possibility of deceit, betrayal, or hidden agendas, because those are issues which never arise.

As light-holders, you are demonstrating the effectiveness of loving behavior, as in the space provided by those attitudes, free and open discussion can and does occur, and remarkable resolutions to difficult problems emerge.  More and more of you are doing this all over the world with amazing results, encouraging others to do likewise.  This is an unstoppable wave of spiritual evolution that is spreading across the planet as you approach the moment of your awakening.

Love overwhelms all that would dishonor or disparage It because It is the divine energy field that enfolds creation in Its irresistible embrace.  Humanity is to awaken into the wonder of this divine Reality.

With so very much love, Saul.

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Pleiadian Council of Light: You Are Not Who You Were Last Week

As received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan original article link 2012IndyInfo.com

Welcome. We are the Pleiadian council of light. On this day we will become as the architects to your being, to your essence, to your energy. We will help you to design, re-design, sculpt, re-sculpt, and re-evaluate the blueprint of your life, of your heart, of your intent, and of your fears. On this day we usher you into a very long hallway of your existence. As you walk down this hallway of self you look, ponder, and gaze upon who you once were, realizing that you are now ready to release what once served you well, but no longer meets your needs. Continue reading

Personal message to you.

Found myself today in a strange conflict. I rather not wanna publish negative news. I’d rather publish a lot of fun and positive news. Because it is better to stay in the light in that way. But also I see a lot of it is relevant to know about for those who haven’t yet or are being awakening. Information is needed to make up your own minds and choices on your path.

I’ve talked about a lot in my writings in my blog. And my message is clear. Why have to disclose the truth ourselves. And that is why I still put important negative news on my blog. But the nice stuff and happy news I will publish also.

I am glad to see a lot of people now blogging, sharing info and having a talk about it. That’s the way forward. Little by little the news is also seeping trough in the mainstream media.  It looks like there are changes up hand. SaLuSa channeled by Mike Quinsey told also about that in his last channeling of the 15th of july.

I see also a lot of people talking about ascension. That’s great. But for me personal is being in the now what has to be. I do what I can do to spread the message. I hope all of you will support others in their efforts as i will be doing.

So be the ones you have been looking for. And Be in the now in love and light.

With Love and Light,