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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – China And The New World Order (Transcript) – 22 April 2015

JamesCorbett4EDITOR’S NOTE: The following transcript of Episode 297 of The Corbett Report podcast, “China and The New World Order,” was generously provided by Corbett Report listener Tezla. For the mp3 audio of the podcast please CLICK HERE, or you can watch the vodcast in the player below:

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UK Column News Tuesday 21st April 2015 – 22 April 2015

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Japan’s Maglev Train Sets New World Record With 603kph Test Run – 22 April 2015

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When it comes to fast trains, Japan takes top honors. A trailblazing maglev – short for ‘magnetic levitation’ – train has set a world speed record during a test run near Mount Fuji, clocking over 600kph (373mph).

The new record comes less than a week after the seven-car train clocked 590kph, breaking its own 2003 record of 581kph.

The maglev hovers 10cm above the tracks and is propelled by electrically charged magnets.

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UK Column News Friday 17th April 2015 – 19 April 2015

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UK Column News Wednesday 15th April 2015 – 16 April 2015

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UK Column News Tuesday 14th April 2015 – 15 April 2015

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James Corbett – The Corbett Report – Interview 1026 – Chris Emery On The Real Timothy McVeigh – 13 April 2015

Chris Emery is the producer of “A Noble Lie,” the award-winning documentary exposing the lies and telling the truth about the Oklahoma City Bombing. As the 20th anniversary of that false flag event approaches, Chris joins us to set the record straight on Timothy McVeigh, from his CIA drug smuggling to his FBI handler to the very real possibility that he is still alive.

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