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Zen Gardner – We’re Sailing In Uncharted Cosmic Seas – 14 January 2013

treasure_planet_sailing2Learning to handle these exciting new vibrations and cosmic changes is very much like learning to sail in uncharted waters. We really need to learn how to navigate these unknown waves and currents and be ready at the helm for the many fluctuations pounding our ships of life. Continue reading

Zen Gardner – Manu Aluli Meyer – Indigenous Epistemology – 12 January 2013



Every now and then we have an Aha! moment where the purpose of life and the meanings in the universe seem to align. Manu Meyer has one of these moments and in this video, she hands us the seed, the kernel, the ‘aloha’ of that moment. We are all individuals, and yet, we are all one. We must separate the knowledge we learn in schools from the knowledge that we all share in our combined historic experiences. Please join her and share in this introduction to that ‘Aloha’ moment. Continue reading

Zen Gardner – A Time For New Beginnings – 12 January 2013

NEW-BEGINNINGS-3By Chautauqua, Contributor


It has been said that most people only embrace real change when the pain of remaining the same drives them to it, or fate leaves them no choice. I suspect that applies especially so here in the Western hemisphere where we have been programmed for luxury and bought off with shiny possessions for as long as I can recall.  While we have been professionally distracted these last couple of years with everything from Twilight to competitive taxidermy, major portions of the rest of the world have been engaged in some fairly significant change, as the pain of remaining the same reached intolerable levels. Continue reading

Zen Gardner – The Heart Of Unity Consciousness – 7 January 2013


by Chautauqua, Contributor

So, here we all are in the afterglow of what should have been a celebration on a planetary scale, humanity’s coming of age party at the end of the Mayan calendar.  Was it everything you expected, or were you disappointed?  It depends.  If you viewed things intellectually thru the brain, you may well have concluded it was just another non-event like Y2K, or a dozen other such doomsday scenarios of the last couple decades.  If however, you viewed the recent pinnacle of the shift of the ages thru your heart, an entirely different reality was revealed, and is still unfolding around you. Continue reading

Zen Gardner – The Rising Of The Conscious Warrior – 1 January 2013

WarriorMonk12[I thought this would be a good message to highlight as we move together into what will certainly be a challenging new year. We chose to be here so we’re clearly up to whatever tasks will befall us.  Knowing the nature of the times we’re living in, how much better then to take the conscious initiative rather than be on the defensive. The conscious respond to spirit rather than just react to manipulated circumstances. Continue reading

Zen Gardner – The Awakening Nears Critical Mass – 18 December 2012

vibeearth3The exponentially increasing revelations of truth that the alternative research community is exposing are having a profound effect. This uncensored research is based on efforts toward a more honest, integrated and holistic worldview, using real history, honest facts and trends, and accumulated information outside the controlled and censored media. Continue reading

Zen Gardner – Being The Change, Tipping Points And A Lot Of Monkeys – 10 December 2012

epicscene1-640x480So many are asking, “What can I do? How can I make a difference? How do I go about helping to effect the changes the world so direly needs?”

Good questions.

I repeatedly say to people to get conscious and you’ll know what to do. What does that mean? Gain empowering knowledge and information for one. And if someone’s asking those questions they obviously know just where to find it. The exponentially growing body of information available on the Internet is an opportunity of the ages. I don’t know if this happened in the time of Atlantis or not, but how unique an opportunity can you get?! Continue reading

Zen Gardner – Just Wondering : ‘Brazen Serpent’ – Rothschild Zi Olympic Scam Exposed – 12 May 2012

“Brazen Serpent” – Rothschild Zi-Olympic Scam ExposedThis picture was brought to my attention by a reader and I think is just too clearly the probable model concept for the nasty Olympic Orbit monstrosity. For many reasons. First of all, this sculpture on Mt. Nebo in Jordan is strikingly similar, from the high looping lattice work and its […]

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Zen Gardner – Sailing The Uncharted Cosmic Sea – 6 April 2012

by Zen Gardner

It struck me today how learning to handle these exciting new vibrations and cosmic changes is very much like learning to sail in uncharted waters. We really need to learn how to navigate these unknown waves and currents and be ready at the helm for the many fluctuations coming our way. Continue reading

Zen Gardner – NASA Mystified By Enormous Energy Field – 5 April 2012

by Zen Gardner

The revelations of our energetic Universe keep on coming from many sources, including NASA’s new satellites, and it’s quite remarkable. Continue reading