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Laura Bruno – Zoe Hind – Astrology 30 September/ 6 October – 1 October 2013

laura-of-the-rocksI’ve heard from a number of people lately that they’re feeling “lost,” “uncomfortable,” or “without a clear way forward.” One advantage of working with such a variety of people from — literally — all seven continents, is that I notice common trends in diverse people and locations. Although raised with an extreme skepticism about astrology, through all these observations of client trends, in conjunction with having some good friends who happen to be astrologers, I’ve come to respect and value astrology as a helpful indicator of influencing energies. Continue reading


Laura Bruno – Zoe Hind – Astrology 15-21 July 2013 – 18 July 2013

laura brunoI always find Zoe Hind’s forecasts soothing, even when she’s talking about major squares and revolutions. I know a lot of people have been struggling this week — especially feeling old emotions and patterns they thought they’d left behind long ago. It’s like life has cycled back to some of the least pleasant times in everyone’s lives in order to give an opportunity to see how far we’ve come. Without realizing that life’s doing a recycle right now, though, the resurgence of past issues for review can feel like failure. Please know this is just the energy right now. We can use it to change what we’re transmitting and receiving, or we can go down the self-pity and self-judgment spiral. We decide. Zoe gives some great insights and tips for making the most of these energies. Continue reading