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Lucas – Quote – 11 January 2013

Lucas2012-small-textLucas : “In the Now there is no need to be part of anything anymore, you are already part of all. There is only vibrational resonance that connects when resonating or disconnects when not resonating. No boundaries of any sort are needed anymore.”

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Lucas – A Journey Around Your Lives In 9 Days – The Race Is On – 13 December 2012

phileasfoggA journey around your lives in 9 Days. The race is on.  A strange analogy of the 80 day race around the world many times over  broadcasted on tv or you maybe have  read it as a book by Jules Verne.

But really we had already the first day of 9 been living through yesterday.  A portal and a big clearing and cleaning took of.  Many including myself did expect something else as they got. (Yep should not have expected!) Not only have I seen people spinning around and going totally of balance but I myself had a backlash yesterday as clearing took place. For others the day was a day of calm and peaceful vibrations and energies coming in. Better said the whole 12/12/12 experience was as we all have our different own journeys towards the end, a personal one, and it brought what was needed in that moment for you. The energies are still manifesting and making room for that what will have to be completed on the 21 December 2012. The density and speed towards the emerging timelines to zero time is felt now. Continue reading