About Comments On Blog Articles – Update

Dear readers,

First of all thanks for reading or taking interest in the blog. It is a free blog and not a discussion forum.  I preferably will not post comments anymore.  It is seemingly difficult to honour and respect others in having their different opinions. There is no need to go into arguments or the  I am right or wrong games, you just  should say you differ and proceed on your way. That same principle should apply to comments. If you do not concur with something just say so to yourself  and leave it at that. You always can read something else that suits you or go to another website or blog.  Lengthy comments and even nasty and evil personal attacks and  all of the sort are often more common than incident. So be warned most comments will not be posted anymore.

Comments that need answering from the authors of posted articles  you need to post  on their blog/website or  news websites or ask questions at their e-mail adres or at their blogs or websites. I am not the search engine nor phonebook or index for e-mail adresses of authors and others. I respect also their privacy. You can find a link beneath every article as also the name or Alias/AKA is mentioned in the title.

If there is a necessary comment to make do only write in English. This is an International blog in English.

You will also see more articles that have closed comments at all. All repeated comments, advertisement and marketing comments are marked as spam. Some of your comments  addressed to me I will answer in a reply by  e-mail and not by posting the comment and answer. Do not use the comments to ask me personal questions as you can direct an e-mail directly to me. See About Lucas for the address.

Love and Light,