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Laura Bushnell – Time For Rebirth – 11 July 2013

Laura Bio PhotoThe adventure continues. This life you acquired through desire gives you many opportunities to discover yourself. You have the great opportunity to sit inside of yourself and discuss anything that you need or want to know. Yes. All of the answers are inside. The great sages and masters have told us throughout the span of time. Continue reading


Laura Bushnell – March New Moon Ritual – 10 March 2013

Laura Bio PhotoDear Ones,

The first week of March has been a bit challenging as we have been working with the Mercury retrograde energy. This means it has been a time to review, relax, regenerate, renew and realign. It’s also a been time to spend in a great deal of appreciation. To appreciate means to “increase in value”. Each time you spend time appreciating anything you increase its value, both to yourself and to the world. Continue reading

Laura Bushnell – You Are Sacred – 12 February 2013

Laura Bio PhotoThis morning, I was reminded of how important our bodies are for this voyage into the unknown. Many of us are waking up with aches and pains. Sore joints may bother you now, whereas in the past you have never had such pain. It is not just age dear ones. It is, as many of you know, the energetic rewards for this shift in consciousness! My body started changing drastically over the last few years and my choices of food and drink are always shifting. The purity of my food is very important, but maybe even more important is blessing it before I eat it. Continue reading

Laura Bushnell – Find Your Inner Light – 31 January 2013

Laura Bio Photo

When the day is foggy, bring in more sunshine! Some days we wake up and we do not feel our light. It may be because the day is in fact cloudy, or maybe we are not taking the time to receive our own inner light.

Continue reading

Laura Bushnell – Call Forth The Divine Mother – 15 January 2013

Laura Bio PhotoLet us call forth the Divine Mother that lives within us all, the Divine Mother that calls for us to nurture, to love and to protect. This world needs mothering, and within all of us is the plan for a peaceful world. Imagine a world that is safe for our children, a world that is free of violence, hunger, and pain. May your part be revealed to you. It is time to embody your heart to transcend, to use your love to heal our earth. YOU are the heart of the earth. Continue reading

Laura Bushnell – Time To Dance! – 10 January 2013

Laura Bio PhotoI am feeling something different this year. I wonder if you are too? There is a strong calling to activism now. You are an important part of the plan. Do you feel that your voice or gifts are not important? You are far more important than you can even imagine.  It is going to take all of us taking our part to make this world a place for our children to thrive. This is the time for community. Continue reading