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ZDNet – Forensic Scientist Identifies Suspicious ‘Back Doors’ Running On Every iOS Device – 24 July 2014


By Jason D. O’Grady

Summary: During his talk at HOPE/X Jonathan Zdziarski detailed several undocumented services (with names like ‘lockdownd,’ ‘pcapd,’ ‘mobile.file_relay,’ and ‘house_arrest’) that run in the background on over 600 million iOS devices.

Read the full story at: www.zdnet.com/ link to original article

ZDNet – Violet Blue – Anonymous Hacks US Sentencing Commission, Distributes Files – 27 January 2013

800px-Anonymous_at_Scientology_in_Los_AngelesSummary: Late evening Friday, January 25, U.S. Sentencing Commission website was hacked and government files distributed by Anonymous in what the group calls “Operation Last Resort.” UPDATE: site restored.

Hacktivist group Anonymous took control of the U.S. Sentencing Commission website Friday, January 25 in a new campaign called “Operation Last Resort.” Continue reading