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IP-Spy: UK Police To Get Expanded Powers To Identify Internet Users – 23 November 2014

RT logoUK police hoping to track down suspected criminals online are about to get a boost, with Home Secretary Theresa May moving to give law enforcement additional powers to acquire details linked to IP addresses from internet service providers.

The anti-terrorism and security bill will require that internet service providers retain information which can help identify individual users via their IP (Internet Protocol) addresses.

“Loss of the capabilities on which we have always relied is the great danger we face,” the Press Association cited May as saying. “The bill provides the opportunity to resolve the very real problems that exist around IP resolution and is a step in the right direction towards bridging the overall communications data capability gap.”

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Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – Your Vision Creates The Path – 23 November 2014

LarryLarsonWhen you envision something, when you imagine something in great detail so that it is as if it already is, you are altering the shape of your Universe; the Universe must now accommodate this new creation. And between where you are now day-to-day and where your creation lies there is a path. And many of you get tangled up trying to find that path. “I just got to find my path,” you say, “and then everything will be fine.” And that vibration so does not match the life experience you are desiring. Now your attention is on how you’re not on the path, things are not fine, and that new creation I desire is far, far away.

That whole idea of a path to get there is so…physical, we just don’t have the words to describe it. It’s only a path when you’re looking back on it. It’s only a path after the fact. So the way to do this vibrationally, is to make your vision so real and your living in it so real—in imagination and any way you can muster in physical terms—and don’t worry about how you’re going to get there at all.

Your vision creates the path. It is your visioning and imagining that creates the pathway, not the pathway that creates your vision.

Action planning?….we would favor vibrational planning…
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Blessings of abundance and life,
~ Twelve / via newsletter 23 November 2014

Afghan Parliament Approves NATO Presence Deal – 23 November 2014

RT logoThe parliament of Afghanistan approved an agreement that allows troops of the NATO-led coalition to say in the country beyond 2014. The agreement was suspended in mid-air for months, as former President Hamid Karzai refused to sign it during his term.

The new agreement, ratified Sunday, allows the ISAF to maintain a total of 12,000 troops in Afghanistan next year. After a 152-5 vote, Nazifullah Salarzai, spokesman for Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, said the foreign troops will “train, advise and assist Afghan security forces.”

“Afghan forces are responsible for the security and defense of the Afghan people, and in the fight against international terrorism and training of our national security forces we count on the support and assistance of our international partners,” he said, AP reported.

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Hacked From ‘US Servers’: Ecuador Leader Claims Attacks On His Private Computer – 23 November 2014

RT logoEcuadorean President Rafael Correa has accused the US of “systematic, high-tech” cyber-attacks on his private internet accounts and computers, the last of which was traced back to American servers last Thursday.

He outlines his accusations in a scathing Twitter post and later comments to the Latin American press.

In the Friday post, Correa denounced what he sees as “systematic, high-tech and high-resource attacks,” adding that “they will not succeed, we are more, so many more.”

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Sandra Walter – November 25 – 26: Leveling Up – 23 November 2014

sandra-walter-300x239Blessings Beloveds,

A brief update: November 25 – 26 is our next wave of amplification. Gatekeepers, we are opening today (you may be feeling this already). Focusing on revelation and an easy, graceful veil-lifting in the highest interests of all concerned. Harmony, Balance, Ascension.

Notes on the Disclosure Acceleration Intention

Our intention with the disclosure tool (see the last article) is to use our unified actions to create an energy which accelerates harmony, freedom and the Ascension for everyone, in the highest interests of the planet, kingdoms, elementals and Humanity. Continue reading

‘Afraid Of Russia:’ German Police Arrest Man After Finding Nuke-Proof Bunker Full Of Weapons – 23 November 2014

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Police in Germany found a private nuclear-proof bunker made by a man who says he feared an attack from Russia. At least 140 different weapons were found in his “atomic safe” facility where he was planning to hide with his family.

The 59-year old electrician has been arrested on charges of storing illegal weapons and explosives which he hid in his self-made bunker near his house in Kelheim municipality in Bavaria, southeastern Germany,

All in all police confiscated 80 rifles, 60 handguns, two submachine guns, 20,000 rounds of ammunition and about 40 kilograms of substances for explosives production, said State Criminal Police Office (LKA).

The court of Regensburg, a nearby city, said the man failed to provide any legal permit for his arsenal.

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Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Along Gaza Border – Health Ministry – 23 November 2014

RT logoIsraeli forces have shot dead a Palestinian farmer near the Gaza border, the Palestinian Health Ministry said. This is the first fatality since the latest tentative ceasefire agreement in August, when the 50-day Gaza war ended.

The ministry has identified the man as Fadel Mohammed Halawa, 32. He was allegedly shot dead to the east of the Jabalya refugee camp. According to the man’s relatives, he was out in search of song birds, who inhabit trees located near the border. They are said to be quite expensive in Gaza’s markets.

Emergency services spokesman Ashraf al-Qudra says the bullet hit Halawa in the back and was most likely fired from a nearby army watchtower.

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