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Dead Hearts’ Transplanted Into Living Patients In Surgical Breakthrough – 24 October 2014

RT logoAustralian doctors have successfully transplanted hearts that have stopped beating, revolutionizing organ donation. The breakthrough is predicted to save the lives of 30 percent more heart transplant patients.

After two decades of research, a team of surgeons at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney has transplanted three still hearts into living patients. The first two patients are recovering well, with the third, who recently underwent the surgery, still in intensive care.

Michelle Gribilas, a 57-year-old Sydney woman, was the first to undergo the surgery two months ago. She had been suffering from congenital heart failure.

“I was very sick before I had it. Now I’m a different person altogether. I feel like I’m 40 years old. I’m very lucky,” she was quoted as saying in AFP.

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Enormous Volcanic Eruption Could Destroy Japan Within 100Yrs – Study – 24 October 2014

RT logoAbout 95 percent of Japan’s population is at risk of being devastated by a major volcanic eruption, which could happen “at any moment” within the next century, a study revealed. Volcanic activity has reportedly increased recently.

The research, conducted by Japanese scientists, was released on Kobe University’s website on Wednesday.

“It is not an overstatement to say that a colossal volcanic eruption would leave Japan extinct as a country,” the authors said, according to AFP.

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BP And GDF Discover New Oil Field In North Sea – 24 October 2014

RT logoOil majors GDF Suez and BP have announced a new oil discovery in the North Sea. Experts believe the oil strike is a landmark find that could yield up to 50 million barrels.

The well which spans two operated blocks in the Central UK North Sea is named “Marconi” by GDF-Suez and “Vorlich” by BP. Test drilling by the two companies has revealed the new oil deposit could yield up to 5,350 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

Trevor Garlick, Regional President of BP North Sea, called it a landmark find.

“As BP marks its 50th year in the North Sea and as the industry looks to maximize economic recovery from the basin, increasing exploration activity and finding new ways to collaborate will be critical to realizing remaining potential. This discovery is a great example of both”, he said in a press release.

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Dana Mrkich – Scorpio Solar Eclipse And Earth-Facing Sunspot – 24 October 2014

Dana Colour Pic NewThe Solar Eclipse today is on 0 Degrees Scorpio! Can you get more intense than that when it comes to getting a glimpse of all that is hidden, be that stuff in our personal and global underworld, as well as that which lies behind the veil between us and other dimensions of reality. The Sun has had a huge week (read the links on the right for all the solar flare related posts). The large sunspot responsible for all the recent activity is now Earth facing for the first time since it started flaring at the beginning of the week so we may see increased issues with electronic equipment, satellites, power grids etc as well as continuing solar-flare related shifting!! 

Transformation is a good thing so as challenging as shifting can be at times, better to shift than to be stuck and stagnant. Thank you Sun! x

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ISIS Chlorine Attack On Security Forces Confirmed – Iraq Officials – 24 October 2014

RT logoEleven Iraqi police officers were taken to hospital after an ISIS chemical weapons attack, with the Defense Ministry and doctors recently confirming the gas as chlorine. This marks the first officially documented militant attack with the chemical.

The Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militants’ chlorine gas attack occurred on September 15, in the town of Duluiyah, located north of the capital, according to a Washington Post report.

The blast followed an exchange of fire between the militants and the members of the Sunni Jabbour tribe, who were guarding the town’s borders.

“It was a strange explosion. We saw yellow smoke in the sky,” said Lt. Khairalla al-Jabbouri, one of the survivors.

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Journalists Under Attack, Hypocritical Western Media Remains Silent – 24 October 2014

RT logoEric Draitser is an independent geopolitical analyst based in New York City and the founder of

The suspicious death of US-born journalist Serena Shim, and the deafening silence on the story in the US, is merely the latest example of the blatant double standard employed by the Western media.

Shim, a 29 year old American journalist of Lebanese descent, had been covering the ongoing war in Syria, specifically the current battle between ISIS militants and Kurdish forces near the Syrian town of Kobani, from the Turkish-Syrian border. Shim was traveling in a rental car back to her hotel after reporting from the Turkish town of Suruc near the Syrian border, when the car was allegedly struck by a heavy vehicle,killing Shim.
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Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – “I Am All That I Am ” – 24 October 2014

DjwhalKhulDjwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek.

Alright. We’re in quite a state of expansion. We’re going to have Mercury going direct although it’ll still be muddy pretty much until our next Spirituality Article so really double and triple check the communications, especially on very important things.

The next thing I want to go through is “I am ALL that I am”. Because the expansion is really sort of telling you ”I am everywhere. I’m so vast, I’m everywhere, I’m everything, I’m everyone, I am ALL that is.” We have such an opportunity to really bask in that realization and to know it in the core of the being. Continue reading