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Fracking License Demand Growing, Says UK Minister Amid Public Opposition – 30 September 2014

Image from matthewhancock.co.uk

Image from matthewhancock.co.uk

Shale gas licenses are attracting solid interest from investors, according to UK business and energy minister Matt Hancock. Communities are resisting government plans to allow fracking firms to drill under homes without their permission.

Hancock said that interest in Britain’s first round of shale gas licensing in six years would allow the UK to exploit fracking to secure its future energy supply.

“I feel like it’s the duty of any government to ensure that this potential is explored,” Hancock told Reuters on the sidelines of his Conservative Party’s annual conference in Birmingham. “Fracking has the potential to be very important for the security of our energy supplies.”

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UK Jets Launch First Attacks Against ISIS In Iraq – 30 September 2014

RT logoTornado bombers from Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) have carried out the first attacks against the Islamic State in Iraq, according to the Ministry of Defense.

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Jon Rappoport – For Alert Minds: The Art Of The Covert Narrative – 30 September 2014

jon7“Build it and they will come. Build a false narrative and people will come in droves.” The Underground, Jon Rappoport

When a researcher or an investigator suspects he is looking at an artificial narrative, a storyline that is floated to achieve a hidden agenda, he has to deal with one overriding question:

How deep does he want to go, in order to root out the potential lies and false material? Continue reading

Bahrain Election Protest: Opposition Group ‘Occupies’ Capital Downtown – 30 September 2014

RT logoPouring oil on roads and setting it alight, opposition activists in Bahrain have attempted to occupy central areas of the capital Manama. In response police closed access to many central streets of the city and banned an upcoming rally, media reported.

The opposition is protesting plans by the Bahraini authorities to change voting rules in the run up to elections on the 22 November, which they say will rob some of the electorate of their vote, RIA Novosti reported from Manama on Monday.

They say plans to get rid of one constituency and spread the votes out to others will jeopardize their chances in the upcoming poll.

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London Parents Sacrifice Children For Free Wi-Fi In New Public Experiment – 30 September 2014

RT logoIt’s a sign of the times when parents are willing to give up their first born children in exchange for internet access. But don’t worry – it was just an experiment exposing how very few of us pay attention to security when using public Wi-Fi.

The experiment, set up by security firm F-Secure, used a hotspot in London’s Canary Wharf, which allowed users to connect to the internet on their mobile devices, such as iPads and smartphones.

However, users would have to agree to the firms’ terms and conditions before making a connection- which included giving up their children.

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Lisa Gawlas – Source Infusion, Shamba-Lini And The Ascended Body!! – 30 September 2014

lisagawlas2The end is here!!  lol, sorry, couldn’t resist saying that!!  But let me tell ya, thru every reading yesterday, you could feel the end thru the bountiful new beginnings at hand.  There are some images/energies that happen in a reading, that really stay and linger… my first reading yesterday is having that effect on me, understandably.  So I want to take this amazing visual, energy infusion and share it with all of you to feel, experience, and bring into you. Continue reading

EU Forks Out Further €165 Million In Aid To Farmers Hit By Russian Sanctions – 30 September 2014

RT logoThe EU has announced emergency funding for perishable fruit and vegetables hit by Russia’s EU food ban as part of efforts to help cover part of the farmers’ losses that are estimated at billions of euros.

The cash strapped European Commission has stumped up €165 million ($209.4 million) to help fruit and vegetable farmers hit by the Russian food ban, officials said Monday.

“I am pleased that the Commission has managed to mobilize a further €165 million to help ease the market pressure for fruit and vegetable growers following the Russian ban,” Dacian Cioslos, the EU’s agricultural minister, said in a statement. He added that the financial package would provide “short-term relief.”

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