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Natalie Glasson – Advanced Soul Alignment And Oneness By Universal Logos Lord Melchizedek – 20 September 2014

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The Period of Alignment by Mary Magdalene
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 17th September 2014-www.omna.org

You are now experiencing your divine essence in a sacred journey which is revealing your purpose as a soul on the Earth and within the universe of the Creator. The journey you are experiencing and continuously embarking upon is a special journey that gathers all your skills, abilities, wisdom and knowledge from past, simultaneous and current lifetimes into manifestation within your present moment. Everything you require is present within your being, ready to be activated, available to be experienced and present to be honoured as a sacred manifestation of the divine. Your purpose upon the Earth is unfolding now for you. You are walking your sacred purpose in every moment of your life whether you are content with your life or not, experience an easy flowing life or  challenges, feel confused or inspired. In this moment and every moment of your reality you are in the right place with appropriate timing and everything is flowing in accordance with your soul, soul group and the divine will of the Creator. This is the truth, you are exactly where you need to be in your life and experiences and you are walking your divine purpose on the Earth to experience more fully with each expression of yourself the Era of Love and all its abundance. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – It’s All Scripted! Ebola Outbreak And Impossibly Rapid Vaccine Response Clearly Scripted; U.S. Govt. Patented Ebola In 2010 And Now Owns All Victims’ Blood – 20 September 2014

NaturalNewss Logo-April-2014(Lucas: This was already reported but for those not knowing of having picked up onto it: your governments owns the patent on the EBOLA Virus.)

It’s all scripted! Ebola outbreak and impossibly rapid vaccine response clearly scripted; U.S. govt. patented Ebola in 2010 and now owns all victims’ blood

(NaturalNews) On the very same day that vaccine maker GlaxoSmithKline is being fined $490 million by Chinese authorities for running an illegal bribery scheme across China [3], the media is announcing the “astonishing” launch of human trials for an Ebola vaccine.

Care to guess who will be manufacturing this vaccine once it is whitewashed and rubber-stamped as “approved?” GlaxoSmithKline, of course. The same company that also admitted to a massive criminal bribery network in the United States, where felony crimes were routinely committed to funnel money to over 40,000 physicians who pushed dangerous prescription drugs onto patients. Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – Exit From The Matrix: The Individual Is Immortal – 20 September 2014

jon7Out of the morass of modern society emerges the Individual. He is always there. Sometimes he is disguised, or asleep, but he never goes away.

He has the unique capacity to invent new reality. He does this through that forgotten, discredited, and buried capacity: imagination.

The individual is immortal. He is not a machine. He is not a brain. He is not the sum total of his chemistry. He inhabits a physical form, but he is not that form.

His creative capacity is also immortal. Continue reading

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Sisters Of The Stars – 20 September 2014

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs received by Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

My sisters of the stars. Unbuckle the humanness that keeps you so strapped in to all the roles that you once played.  The vibration and the energy of your light dazzles the constellations that look down upon you.  The wind is envious as it blows through your hair and your life for it sees your beauteous nature.  It sees what you once were and what you yearn to become.  Know at this time and this vibration and this intersection of light and life you are worthy of grandness that you have failed to become in the past.  Continue reading

PhilosphyOfMetrics – Separation Of US Treasury And Federal Reserve Begins – 20 September 2014

Philosophy Of Metrics

H.R. 24 ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill Passes in House

By JC Collins

With all of the other economic and geopolitical events which are taking place this week we can now add the passage of the Audit the Fed bill in Congress.  The bill was overwhelmingly passed with a margin of 333 to 92.

Congressman Ron Broun issued the following statement:

“Today’s passage of the Audit the Fed bill brings us one step closer towards bringing much-needed transparency to our nation’s monetary policy. For the past 100 years, the Federal Reserve, a quasi-government agency, has acted under a veil of secrecy – controlling our monetary policy and thus, our economy. While in recent years, the Fed has been granted a greater role in overseeing the regulation of our financial system, current law specifically prohibits audits of the Federal Reserve’s deliberations, decisions, or actions on monetary policy. This lack of accountability and transparency has led to grievous consequences – and it must end.

Read the full article at: www.philosophyofmetrics.com /link to original article

Ron Paul – Game Over Dollar Dead – America Is On The Brink of Collapse – 20 September 2014

Uploaded on 16 September 2014 by Economic Collapse 2015 RON PAUL – Game Over Dollar Dead – AMERICA is on the BRINK of COLLAPSE

3rd Russian Humanitarian Aid Convoy Arrives In Donetsk – 20 September 2014

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The third convoy of Russian humanitarian aid for eastern Ukraine has arrived in the war-torn city of Donetsk. Earlier, Kiev and self-defense forces signed a memorandum aimed at effectively halting all fighting in eastern Ukraine after talks in Minsk.

Is the war over? Both sides in the Ukraine conflict signed a treaty banning military action

The convoy of around 200 vehicles is carrying some 2,000 tons of cereals, canned food, generators, medicine, warm clothes, and bottled water.

Russian authorities said they had offered to allow the Ukrainian border guards to check the vehicles on the border on several occasions, but the guards declined without citing any particular reason.

Read the full story at: www.rt.com / link to original article