Lucas – Self Recognition Of The Influx Of The New – Integration Of More Parts – 15 March 2015 Said already the new is already here and it becomes in many ways visible. Not only awakening to geo-politics and recognition of the ever told and lived “great lie”. It is about seeing more and more the new parts in your live and more often your choosing the new way of thinking, doing, handling or seeing things. It is becoming clear you will integrate more and more parts of you that where “unknown” but now seem to pop up as evidently a new  you style. There is more than one way to see and experience the changing reality and the new role it plays in your life. There is no wrong or right.  It is not about eradicating things or  blast them into oblivion. There is only recognizing parts of the new you and therefore the new world this new you part is also forming around you. The multiple reality sphere is growing around you and it is showing more and more. Triggered by events cosmic or otherwise, energetics  in and around you  are making the changes happen.  We are all integrating that what is new to see  in its entirety the new you and new world. The moving old parts are still out there playing sometimes the old games and sometimes blocking or fighting the new that seemingly is unstoppable. This month ending and the beginning of the next month are strong connector points for change on your path into the new. Shifts will take place that are a start of mayor changes all around us. Look always into your mirrors and see the old still catching up with the new that is every time a little step ahead.  A catch up game that will end eventually as the new is growing and integrating more and more. Keep going on your paths, and be you and not the you that someone of something or some belief is wanting or asking you to be. The individual strength of freedom is marked by not being part of but taking part in together. Change is not driven by power of leaders but by the power of all of you just working together on a same project for instance. Remembering the individual instead of the lead group sheep mentality. We need no systems or structures to direct that what we can. We can do without all that by just working, creating as individuals together.Respecting all of you as being you. There is no us or them. There is no we or those others. There is only you, you, you and you all. We need no more circles drawn around anything.  We are not to be corrupted in our creating powers as individual creators. The works and those working together without grouping up and without rules and regulations, structures and beliefs will make a real new difference. Recognize your powers within. Yes, we are the ones we have been waiting for. We are the ones who make the change and the difference.  Every little step recognizing you and integrating the new is important. Make all that comes your way  worthwhile for you and therefore for all of us. Breakthroughs are made on every level. Keep your hearts open for change. Even when it is hard to leave old patterns, structures and habits behind. The universe is nothing but change. Change is that what makes things so exciting as it is the ongoing creation force making things happening. Much love and light, Lucas (c) 2015 –  Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with  the  link  mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.


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