Wes Annac – Self-Expression: Our Greatest Gift – 18 March 2015

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By Wes Annac, The Culture of Awareness

Self-expression is one of the greatest gifts we’ve been given, because it allows us to connect with the spirit within (which, as we’re realizing, we’re already constantly connected with) and express how we feel about life, love, spiritual evolution or anything else that’s on our mind.

We can use these tools to share our perspective on everything that’s happening right now, and I think it’s important to use our voice and creatively empower ourselves. Everyone’s worthy of the opportunity to express themselves, and nothing, except ourselves, stops us from using these tools.

We stop ourselves when we fail to cultivate creative passion, and one of the best ways to use the amazing gift of self-expression is to use it passionately. We can’t do anything real or significant if we aren’t passionate about our work, and we’ll get the most out of our creativity if we’re excited about it.

An Interesting Time

We live in an interesting time to say the least.

The old power structures are collapsing all around us as we get ready to create something new that works in everyone’s best interest, and we’re being given all kinds of assistance from our inner voice and the universe itself, which, as we’re learning, is a purely spiritual universe that’s comprised of infinite love and oneness.

These aren’t just airy words, and as we evolve, we’ll realize that everything’s connected and we can rejoice in this connection if we just open up, look within and recognize that it exists.

People all around the world are awakening to spirit and the idea that our governments work for themselves instead of the people they’re supposed to serve, and as they do, they look to creative tools like writing to find a voice.

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I think everyone should talk about the things that are happening right now, and if we involve ourselves in the world’s affairs, both social and spiritual, we’ll be able to contribute something valuable by writing out our perspective.

The Thinning Veil

My perspective on this ongoing spiritual evolution is that the veil is thinner than it used to be and we can connect with spirit in all kinds of interesting and unique ways.

I think creativity is one of the best ways to connect with our Christ consciousness and use inspiration that results to help others. The more we write or express ourselves in whatever way works for us, the more we’ll merge with the spirit and the purer and more flowing our expressions will be.

We don’t have to be the best writers or live up to someone else’s standards to express ourselves.

I’m passionate about writing, and whether or not these articles live up to grammatical standards that I was never around to give my two cents on, I’ll continue to express myself in an effort to call upon (and merge with) my inner voice, which some people call the higher self.

What Do You Want to Say?

Writing about spirituality and our planetary evolution is one of the most liberating things we can do, but we won’t liberate ourselves if we don’t have much to say about our spiritual evolution.

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Finding our voice requires the courage to explore how we feel about any subject that’s relevant to what’s currently going on, and if we want to write or express ourselves in any other way, we have to have something to say.We have to have something on our minds, and if we don’t have an object of discussion; a seed that we can water and grow into a beautiful, strong flower, then our work could be slightly airy or meaningless.

The gift of creativity allows us to express ourselves and reach others, but we won’t be able to say much if we don’t have much to say. It might sound simple, but it can get complicated when we want to be creative but we don’t know how to do it or what to talk about.

The Mind: Helpful and Hurtful

The mind, while helpful, can also be one of the biggest obstacles when it comes to purely expressing our creativity, because it can present all kinds of doubt or anxiety that stops us from saying what we want to say.

The mind can even stop us from finding a subject to talk about, but as long as it’s open, we shouldn’t have any trouble using it to flowingly express ourselves or uplift others. I know I’ve said this a lot, but an open mind is one of the most important requirements if we want our creativity to flow.

When the mind (and heart) is open and we’re passionate about what we’re doing, the creative expressions flow like water and we don’t have any trouble talking about any given issue. We have to feel comfortable when we write or do anything else, which is why an open mind and an enthusiastic perspective are so important.

Enthusiasm is important when it comes to spiritual evolution anyway, and some of us are feeling passionate about using our creativity to spiritually evolve. Thus, passion and enthusiasm will always be important tools we can use to elevate our consciousness, and they’re helpful whether or not we use them for creativity or direct spiritual exploration.

Blending Meditation and Creativity

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Meditation’s probably the best way to explore or expand our consciousness, and even with it, we’ll want to be passionate and open-minded. I think we can blend our meditation and our creativity, and by that I mean we can meditate and express ourselves throughout our day.When we look around, it becomes apparent that we’ve been given a lot of helpful tools in the expansion of our consciousness. All we have to do is find some passion for our creativity and our spiritual evolution, and using these tools progressively will be as easy as breathing.

It does require some commitment, however, and like anything, we have to be dedicated to what we’re doing if we want to see any genuine results.

We have to be willing to confront the aspects of ourselves that are scared, hesitant or just plain unwilling to meditate, express ourselves or do anything else progressive, and once that part of ourselves is out of the way, we can flowingly express ourselves without worrying about what other people think of our work or if we’re contributing correctly.

Again, the rational mind uses all kinds of tricks to keep us in our comfort zone, and while it means well, we’ll want to transcend its overbearing influence if our goal is spiritual evolution or pure, unhindered self-expression.

There are plenty of things we can do to elevate our consciousness and uplift others along the way, and all it takes is the realization of how blessed we are and how many tools we’ve been given to uplift ourselves and the world.

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Life (and especially spiritual evolution) can become an exciting adventure, but the trick is that we have to let it. We have to get out of our own way and express ourselves without fear, worry or self-condemnation, and the people who are meant to benefit from our work will find it.The hardest part of it all is realizing that everything’s okay, no matter what we do. We’re valuable spiritual beings regardless of the work we do while we’re here, and it takes realizing this to finally stop holding ourselves back.

Once we get past fear and insecurity, which all of us have confronted at one point or another, everything will get easier and more free-flowing.

We can constantly communicate with spirit by using creativity to express ourselves and connect with our inner voice, and as long as we have no reservations about it, it’ll become our greatest ally in this ongoing evolutionary process.

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