Lisa Gawlas – Honor Thy Body And Mind As Much As You Honor Spirit… Or Else lol!!! – 13 April 2015

lisagawlas2Boy oh boy did my body school me this weekend.  Obviously everything about the field, about us, the Light that exists around and thru us, changed with the culmination of the eclipse on the 4th.  Every single reading I feel like I am climbing further and further up a mountain and moving out of my own atmosphere of comfort.  Unlike before where a full day of new images and information was exhausting to my mind, now, it’s a whole body event, energy being pulled from every cell from toe to mind, even tho I just sit on my butt to do what I do.

I am a light-a-holic.  I work 7 days a week, even tho my schedule allows for 2 days off a week (work 3, off 1) I don’t use them for that, I use them for rescheduling days.  This Friday, I could literally feel my entire body shutting down as I rounded the corner to my last weekend.  In theory, Saturday was supposed to be a scheduled day off, but instead, I booked an ET session and a massage reading session on this day, since the time was available!!

My wonderful lady and her husband traveled from Utah, a 10 hour trip (one way) to come to my home to for this massage reading, energy work experience.  They came in Friday and left out Saturday.  Any time I have someone come over, of course it is my (only) excuse to do deep cleaning in my house.  I could barely muster the energy for light cleaning.  But it all got even stranger than just being exhausted.  I needed to run the vacuum, the thought of hearing… just hearing the vacuum run, was more energy than I could stand.  My body protested, I swept the floor instead, in bursts and small sections at a time.  Washing the floor became completely out of the question.  I even used my own peppy motivator, I put Pandora radio on, turned it up and instantly turned it down and eventually off.  It was exhausting me even more.  How the hell could that even be??

It took a 3 hour pep talk to get myself into the shower.  I felt physically fine, just exhausted in a way I have never fully experienced like this before.  I guess the water running on my body allowed for my hearing of my cells to become clearer.  In a matter of fact expression, my whole body said if I do not start taking down days, they will create the down time for me.  Yikes.  I had no idea my body was actually referring to Saturday as well.  I am thinking… next time, in the future time, not tomorrow time.

Even as I pondered what to wear, my intention was jeans and a cute shirt, which now requires a bra (I stopped wearing tents as shirts, smile.)  My body had a melt down, jeans and a bra are exhausting to it, for wearing.  Really???  How does that work out??  Loose jog pants and a top was my attire.

I still needed to fix dinner for myself and even that became a concentrated effort of energy.

My folks arrived about 5:30 and what lovely, wonderful people they are.  We had such a wonderful discussion.  I don’t care how exhausted I am, standing in the light of spiritual discussion (things I already know and are effortless to talk about)… exuberating to the whole body!!  Plus, I really realized more than ever, when in another’s space, I can actually borrow from your energy field to maintain my own.  This was really pleasant.

I had a whole bunch of new information I wanted to share from the days readings, so when my body woke up at 3am, my intention was to just get up and share… I went potty, then straight back to sleep, eventually getting back up and staying awake at 6 am.  I felt a little rejuvenated and when I went to my email, my agenda changed.  I had a must reply list happening, especially in regards to the May course and realized, April is incredibly full and closed down the add-on option for this course.

Even tho I was mentally alert, I was still very much physically exhausted.  I have to giggle this morning at my sons reflection of what my day was about to do to me, to us.  He called in a slight panic, he ran out of gas on the side of a highway in Rhode Island heading to work.  He does not have road side assistance.  I am going to give a shout out to Massachusetts and Rhode Island for their own state-wide assistance program, a call to 911 had the cops bring him gas to continue his day with.  How awesome is that!!!

My own fuel tank was quickly running out of gas and I have barely been up a few hours.  Without a word being spoken out loud to anyone, like my beautiful couple here hoping to get a reading and my magic massage… I started doing my best to call in extra energy to my body to work thru this day.  Wasn’t happening at all.  They must have picked up on it (I know they are going to read this and need to know how incredibly intuitive and connected they both are) and decided to leave early, like right then and there and said they both feel they got what the came for in our time together.

They left around 11 and I laid on the couch just to gather my energy… and woke up at 4pm with a screaming bladder.  I think I heard my 2pm reading calling but my body refused to wake up, nothing I could do pulled me out of sleep.  Even stranger, other than the message she left on my answering machine, there was no record of her call.  She didn’t show up on caller ID or my google voice that logs every call coming in.  I had no phone number in her appt card so calling her back to grovel to her was impossible.  I popped her an email and that alone took what little energy I woke up with and I went right back to sleep.  I had another email and phone call to tend to, couldn’t do it.  I slept a few more hours, woke up, ate a little bit and slept until 6am this morning.

Holy freakin shit batman!!!

I say all this because it is as crucial for you to work with and allow down time, as it is for me too.  I think of my gal who came from the Caribbean and she was instantly hit with elevation sickness and slept most of the time she was here (happened to me too when I moved from Virginia Beach to New Mexico) and is exactly what is happening to us now.  Adjustment to an elevation our cells never ever experienced before in biology.  There is no dormant memory lurking in our consciousness of this higher light frequency air that we breathe.

Equally tho, it is crazy to think, the closer our clothing is to our body, the more energy our cells must release and absorb in the exchange, which is why jeans and a bra was not acceptable to my body.  Not in a million years did I ever think of it that way.

Sound is the permeation of energy exchange, and when the body says, no more, it really means no more.  My music never depleted me before this moment.  The conscious partnership of physicality, of my own cellular body did exactly what it threatened me with… it shut me down and I couldn’t do a damn thing about it.

So unlike my son, the spiritual police didn’t come rushing to me with more gas, instead, I was placed in the garage and put completely out of commission for the day.  But, I gotta be grateful it was only a day and only a day of deep sleep.  I still have to say, I am so sorry to everyone that needed or wanted my assistance yesterday.

Some of the exciting information that came from our wonderful conversations this weekend, was this light frequency is affecting all versions of earth.  Of course it remains pure light energy at our level, the level  I call Shambhala, gets diluted a bit as it goes into the more bass frequencies of other versions of earth, but to the people living there, it is still like cannon balls of light, some love it, some (appear) to go crazy/reactive with it, others just decide to get out of body.

I must say again, honor your physical body and what it is asking of you. Don’t make it start demanding, cuz it pulls the strings of creation, and has its own way of making sure you get your down time if you do not pay attention to its needs.  That includes foods too… if it is sending you signal for ice cream and pickles… eat it!!  (smile)

Ya know, as I close this sharing out, I suddenly realize why this particular sharing is so important today.  We are starting to get instruction on how to work our bodies in the various dimensional openings, if we do not fully honor its promptings and desires in this dimension, the others will stay out of reach of ability.  It’s not just our spiritual guidance we MUST listen to, it is also our physicality too, they are in full partnership with each other.

On that note, I am strapping myself in for a new day of connections, excitedly.  Spend your moments playing, enjoy and resting, all are important!!

A special thank you to my beautiful couple who graced my world this weekend and I didn’t even get one picture of us together, dammit.  I love you!!!

I love all of you so much.  Please learn from the way I teach… by doing what we are not supposed to do and living it as an experience of wisdom!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of high altitude adventures to All!!!!

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